How Much Does It Cost to Turn a Ring into a Necklace?

Have you ever looked at a cherished ring and wished it could be modified into a beautiful necklace? The desire to repurpose jewelry can give your beloved pieces a new lease on life, perfectly blending emotional value with modern style. But one pressing question might hold you back: How much does it cost to turn a Ring into a Necklace?

Depending on the complexity of the work, the materials used for the chain, and the jeweler's charges, turning a ring into a necklace usually costs between $50 and $200. Personalized patterns or more gem settings may raise the price.

Curious about what this transformation involves and how to get the most value for your money? Keep reading our blog for insider tips and tricks that will help you navigate this sparkling journey.

The Purpose of Putting a Ring into a Necklace

Transforming a ring into a necklace can breathe new life into a piece of jewelry that's no longer worn. It allows the wearer to keep a sentimental item close to the heart, literally. This modification not only preserves memories but also adds a unique touch to one's accessory collection.

The Purpose of Putting a Ring into a Necklace

Sometimes, rings may not fit anymore due to changes in finger size or comfort preferences. By converting it into a necklace, the piece remains an active part of your wardrobe. It's a perfect solution for those who love the design but seek a different way to showcase it.

Consider the process an artistic reimagining of precious metals and stones, ensuring your beloved ring doesn't sit unused. It’s a sustainable option, repurposing existing jewelry instead of buying new. Plus, it gives a stylish twist, turning a simple band into a statement necklace.

Types of Rings that Goes Well with Necklaces

Rings and necklaces often carry their own stories, rich with personal significance and style. Marrying the two can create a piece that's not only fashionable but also full of meaning, making them perfect gifts for son. Here's a look at the types of rings that harmonize beautifully with necklaces.

Types of Rings that Goes Well with Necklaces

Classic Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings, with their single gemstone, are ideal for conversion into elegant pendants. The simplicity of a solitaire design ensures it can match various necklace styles. These rings become timeless pieces when hung on a delicate chain.

Vintage Heirloom Rings

Heirloom rings carry history and sentiment, making them perfect candidates for necklace transformations. Their unique designs often become conversation-starting centerpiece pendants. Preserving antique charm, they offer a wearable link to the past on a modern chain.

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Eternity Bands

Eternity bands, encircled by diamonds, translate well into luxurious and sparkling necklaces. When strung horizontally, they exude a contemporary vibe as neck pieces. Such bands maintain their symbolism of endless love, even when worn differently.

Signet Rings

Signet rings, with their distinct engravings, lend a touch of personalization to necklaces. When suspended from a chain, they make for a bold and meaningful statement. These rings retain their identity-rich appeal, irrespective of their form.

Birthstone Rings

Rings featuring birthstones can become highly personal pendants reflecting one's birth month. As necklaces, they add a pop of color and personal flair to your outfit. Birthstone rings often become cherished keepsakes when worn close to the heart.

How to Convert a Ring into a Necklace?

Repurposing jewelry can be a fulfilling project, especially when it comes to giving a beloved ring new life as a necklace. This transformation not only retains the ring's sentimental value but also creates a fresh, stylish piece. Here's a straightforward guide to help you through the process of converting a ring into a necklace.

How to Convert a Ring into a Necklace

Step-1. Choose the Right Ring

Select a ring that holds personal value or possesses a design that would look appealing as a necklace. Consider the size and weight of the ring, as it needs to be comfortable to wear around the neck. Ensure the ring's band is free of sharp edges that could catch on clothing or skin.

Step-2. Select a Matching Chain

Find a chain that complements the style and metal of your ring. The chain's thickness should balance the ring's weight to ensure it hangs properly. Opt for a chain with an adjustable length to give you versatility in how you wear your new necklace.

Step-3. Attach a Bail to the Ring

A bail is a loop that connects the ring to the chain, allowing it to hang correctly. Choose a bail that matches the metal of your ring and fits the chain you've selected. If necessary, have a jeweler professionally attach the bail to ensure it's secure.

Step-4. Consider Customization Options

Decide if you want to add any custom elements, like engraving or additional gemstones, to personalize your necklace further. This step is optional but can make the piece even more unique and tailored to your tastes. Remember that customization may require additional time and cost.

Step-5. Assemble the Necklace

Carefully thread the chain through the bail attached to the ring. Double-check that the clasp and bail are functioning correctly to keep the necklace secure. If the assembly feels loose or unstable, consult with a jeweler for adjustments.

Step-6. Wear and Test Your New Necklace

Finally, wear your new necklace for a day to ensure it's comfortable and the ring is secure. Pay attention to the necklace's balance and how the ring pendant sits against you. If it shifts or flips, you may need to adjust the bail's position or the chain's length.

Transforming a ring into a necklace is a beautiful way to repurpose cherished jewelry, creating a new keepsake that's both fashionable and meaningful. With these steps, you can confidently wear your memories in a new, personalized way.

How Much Does It Cost to Turn a Ring into a Necklace?

Reimagining a treasured ring as a necklace isn't just a creative endeavor; it's an investment in preserving a piece of your personal history. This transformation can be both cost-effective and sentimental, with prices typically ranging from $50 to $200. This cost, however, is influenced by several factors that can vary greatly from one jeweler to another.

How Much Does It Cost to Turn a Ring into a Necklace

Complexity of Design

The more intricate the conversion process, the higher the cost. A simple design requiring minimal modification will be on the lower end of the spectrum. In contrast, a complex design that necessitates additional support or intricate metalwork will incur more labor and hence, a higher fee.

Material Costs

The choice of material for the new necklace chain significantly affects the price. A high-quality metal like gold or platinum will increase the cost compared to sterling silver. Additionally, if the transformation requires extra metal or gemstones, this will also raise the overall price.

Jeweler's Rates

Each jeweler has a rate based on their skill, experience, and the market standard. A well-known artisan may charge more due to their expertise and the quality of their craftsmanship. Conversely, less established jewelers might offer competitive rates to attract more customers.

Customization and Additions

Adding personal touches like engraving or custom design elements will add to the base cost. Each custom feature requires time, skill, and resources, which are factored into the final pricing. The more personalized the necklace, the higher the cost due to these additional labors.

Gem Setting

If the ring features gemstones that need to be reset or repositioned in the new necklace design, this will impact the cost. The delicate process of gem setting requires precision and expertise. Hence, the number and type of stones involved play a significant role in determining the final price.

The cost of converting a ring into a necklace is determined by design complexity, materials, jeweler's charges, and any additional customization or gem setting. Choosing the right jeweler is key to balancing the price with the personal significance of your revamped jewelry piece.

Cost-Saving Tips for Transforming a Ring into a Necklace

Converting a ring into a necklace is a unique way to repurpose cherished jewelry. This process can be cost-effective if done smartly. Here are some key tips to help you save money during the transformation:

Cost-Saving Tips for Transforming a Ring into a Necklace

  • Opt for Simple Design Elements: Selecting a basic design can significantly cut down on labor charges. Intricate designs often require more time and skill, which increases the cost.
  • Recycle Existing Materials: Use the gold, silver, or other metals from the original ring, along with any gemstones. This not only saves money by reducing the need for new materials but also preserves the original sentiment of the ring.
  • Shop Around for Jewelers: Spend time researching and comparing the prices and reputations of different jewelers. Some may offer competitive rates or better craftsmanship, which can make a big difference in both cost and quality.
  • Plan for Off-Peak Seasons: Scheduling your jewelry conversion during less busy times of the year can be advantageous. Jewelers might offer discounts or have more time to focus on your project, potentially reducing costs.
  • Minimize Alterations and Additions: Keep changes to the original ring to a minimum. Every additional alteration, like resizing or adding new elements, can add up in terms of labor and material expenses.

In conclusion, transforming a ring into a necklace can be both meaningful and economical. By following these tips, you can create a new piece of jewelry without overspending. Remember, the value lies in the sentiment and creativity of the conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions about How Much Does It Cost to Turn a Ring into a Necklace?

When considering turning a ring into a necklace, there are numerous questions that may come to mind about the process and the costs involved. Here are some relevant FAQs to help you understand the transformation journey better.

Can Any Ring Be Made Into a Necklace?

Almost all rings can be converted, but those with intricate designs or delicate features may require special consideration to ensure the integrity of the piece is maintained.

Does the Thickness of The Ring Affect the Cost of Conversion?

Thicker rings may need a more robust support system for conversion, which can increase both material and labor costs due to the complexity of accommodating the additional weight.

Will I Be Able to Use the Ring Again After It's Been Turned Into a Necklace?

Typically, the conversion is not designed to be reversible to ensure the durability of the necklace, but some jewelers may offer convertible designs at a higher price point.

How Long Does It Take to Turn a Ring Into a Necklace?

The conversion time can vary widely; simple projects may be completed quickly, while complex alterations or custom work may require more time for meticulous craftsmanship.

Is It Cheaper to Supply My Own Chain for The Necklace?

Using your own chain can save money, but it’s crucial to ensure the chain's style and strength are compatible with the pendant for aesthetic cohesion and security.

Can I Add More Gemstones to The Ring when Converting It?

Additional gemstones can be incorporated into the design, allowing for a more customized and potentially luxurious result, with the understanding that this will reflect in an increased price.

If My Ring Has a Gemstone, Will It Be Secure in A Necklace Setting?

A well-executed conversion will keep gemstones secure, but the design may need to be adjusted to protect the stones, especially if the necklace will be worn frequently.

Are There Any Risks Involved in Turning a Ring Into a Necklace?

Converting a ring into a necklace carries some risk of damage to the original piece, especially if it's an antique or intricately designed, but working with an experienced jeweler can minimize this risk.


A meaningful ring can be repurposed and worn differently by turning it into a necklace. This transformation combines personal style with modern aesthetics. It’s a process that emphasizes emotional value over monetary concerns.

When considering "How much does it cost to turn a Ring into a Necklace?" it's really about the journey from one form of adornment to another. The cost is secondary to the craftsmanship required to rework a beloved item into a piece that continues to tell your story.

Opting for such a conversion is a creative attempt that blends tradition with modernity. It’s a testament to the enduring nature of jewelry and its ability to adapt to our changing lives. Trusting a jeweler with this task means entrusting them with a fragment of personal history.

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