What Size Necklace for a 13 Year Old?

Selecting the perfect piece of jewelry for a young teenager can be a puzzle, especially when they hover on the cusp of childhood and adolescence. Parents often struggle with questions of appropriateness and size, striving to find something that won't be quickly outgrown. 

The concern is real; a necklace too small becomes uncomfortable, too large, and it loses its charm. Amidst these considerations, the question arises: What size necklace for a 13-year-old? 

Typical choice of necklace size for any 13 year old is 16 inches . But It can vary depending on factors like body type and height of the user. As they step into their teen years, finding a necklace that balances comfort, style, and the rapid pace of growth is essentially a quest for an adornment that grows as they do, both in size and taste.

Let’s explore the various aspects that can affect the choice of the necklace size for a 13 year old teenager.

The Fundamentals of Necklace Sizing for Teenager

Navigating through the teenage years involves fashion choices that reflect a growing sense of individuality. For teenagers, a necklace isn't just an accessory; it's a statement. Proper sizing is essential for style and comfort.

The Fundamentals of Necklace Sizing for Teenager

Teen necklace sizing must account for both their growing physique and their evolving fashion sense. A length too short may be quickly outgrown, too long may seem disproportionate. Aim for a versatile length that offers both fit and fashion flexibility.

Considering a teenager's active lifestyle is crucial when selecting a necklace size. Durability and ease of wear are as important as the aesthetic appeal. The ideal size balances growth potential with current trends.

What Size Necklace for a 13 Year Old?

When picking out a necklace for a 13-year-old, it's generally recommended to opt for a 16-inch chain. This size sits comfortably at the base of the neck on most teens, making it a versatile choice for various necklines and outfits. As they are at a transitional stage of growth, this length allows for some room to grow without being too oversized.

What Size Necklace for a 13 Year Old

Still there are other factors which can make an impact on the sizing of the necklace. Reflecting on these factors will increase your insights and knowledge to make a sound and effective decision for your teenager. Here are these factors you should consider before opting for a necklace.

Body Proportions and Comfort

At 13, body dimensions can vary widely. A necklace should complement their stature without overwhelming it. Measure their neck to ensure the 16-inch standard provides a snug, not tight, fit. If their neck size is above average, an 18-inch necklace might be more suitable, providing comfort while accommodating growth.

Personal Style and Trends

Teenagers often begin to express their individuality through fashion. Pay attention to the styles they prefer. Do they enjoy statement pieces, or are they drawn to subtler, more delicate designs? Select a necklace that reflects their taste, and they’re more likely to wear it with confidence.

Activity Level Considerations

A 13-year-old is likely to be active, so the necklace must withstand regular movement. Look for durable chains that can endure daily wear and tear. A necklace that's too long may catch on objects or even become a distraction during activities.

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Layering Potential

Layering is a popular trend and a practical way for a piece to remain relevant as the child grows. A 16-inch necklace can easily be paired with longer pieces for a stylish look. This versatility means the necklace will continue to be a wardrobe staple for years.

Material and Safety

The material of the necklace is as crucial as its size. Hypoallergenic metals like sterling silver or stainless steel prevent skin irritation. Also, consider a clasp that's secure but can be easily unhooked if necessary for safety.

Adaptable Sizing

Many necklaces come with extenders, which are ideal for growing teens. This feature allows for adjustments, ensuring the necklace grows with them. It’s a practical consideration that prolongs the life and fit of the piece.

What are the Popular Necklace Types for a 13 year old?

At thirteen, the jewelry chosen often marks the beginning of a personal style journey. Necklaces, especially, are tokens of self-expression and cherished accessories. They vary from playful to sophisticated, mirroring a teen's unique taste.

What are the Popular Necklace Types for a 13 year old


Chokers hug the neck and offer a youthful edge that appeals to trendy teens. They sit high and are perfect for casual tees or dresses. Often, they feature expandable designs to fit growing adolescents comfortably.

The materials range from velvet to leather, often adorned with charms or pendants. These pieces can be a 13-year-old’s go-to for daily school wear or casual outings. Chokers represent a blend of contemporary fashion with a touch of adolescent whimsy.


Pendant necklaces, featuring various types of necklace pendants, allow teens to showcase their interests or make a statement. A simple chain with a singular charm can signify personal interests or milestones. They're versatile, pairing well with various outfits from casual to formal.

Pendants also offer a canvas for personalization, like initials or birthstones. This quality makes them a popular gift choice for parents or relatives. For a 13-year-old, a pendant necklace serves as both an accessory and a personal emblem.

Beaded Necklaces

Beaded necklaces inject fun and color into a teen's wardrobe. They often feature bright, playful beads or delicate pearls for a touch of elegance. The variety in bead size and color offers a broad spectrum of choices.

These necklaces can be mixed and matched, encouraging creativity in young fashion enthusiasts. They can be layered with other necklaces for a bohemian look or worn singly for simplicity. Beaded pieces are especially fitting for 13-year-olds eager to explore and establish their fashion preferences.

Different Price Ranges of Necklace for a 13 year Old

When shopping for birthday gifts, such as a necklace for a 13-year-old, prices can vary as widely as the styles and materials available. The range can start from as little as $10 for basic, costume pieces and climb to several hundred dollars for fine jewelry. Settling on a budget beforehand can help narrow down the options to the best fit for the teen and your wallet.

Different Price Ranges of Necklace for a 13 year Old

Material Quality

The substance from which a necklace is made greatly influences its price. Sterling silver and 14k gold pieces command higher prices due to their durability and desirability. These materials ensure longevity, making them an investment in a teen's growing jewelry collection.

Costume jewelry, crafted from less expensive materials like plastic or low-grade metals, offers affordability. However, they may not endure as long but are suitable for rapidly changing teen fashion tastes. Such pieces provide variety and trendiness without a significant financial commitment.

Brand and Design

Designer labels can increase a necklace’s price, as you're paying for the name as well as the design. Limited edition pieces or those from well-known fashion houses carry a premium. The brand's reputation for quality can often justify the higher cost.

However, no-name or lesser-known brands can offer similar styles at a fraction of the price. This is ideal for a teen's fluctuating preferences and the need for budget-friendly options. These brands can be great for finding trendy, disposable pieces suitable for short-term wear.

Craftsmanship and Complexity

Handcrafted necklaces, with complex designs or hand-set gemstones, are often pricier. The skill and time invested in creating such a piece are factored into the cost. Artisan jewelry also often involves more detailed work and uniqueness in design.

Mass-produced necklaces are typically less expensive due to the economies of scale. These might lack the individual character of handmade items but offer consistency and affordability. For a 13-year-old, such pieces are fitting for everyday wear where loss or damage risk is higher.

Tips and Tricks for 13 Year Old of Wearing Necklace Regarding Health and Safety Issue

Navigating the world of accessories as a teenager can be as much about fashion as it is about health and safety. For 13-year-olds, wearing necklaces is a form of self-expression that should also consider comfort and well-being. Here are some guidelines to ensure both style and safety.

Tips and Tricks for 13 Year Old of Wearing Necklace Regarding Health and Safety Issue

  • Hypoallergenic Materials: Always choose necklaces made of hypoallergenic materials like titanium or sterling silver to avoid skin irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Magnetic Clasps: For easy removal, magnetic clasps are not only convenient but also a safer option in case of snagging during active play.
  • Correct Fit: Ensure the necklace fits properly; too tight can cause discomfort, while too loose may catch on objects, posing a risk.
  • Breakaway Features: Consider necklaces with breakaway clasps for sports and active play, which safely detach under pressure to prevent choking.
  • Weight Consideration: Lightweight necklaces are better for prolonged wear and won't strain the neck or become a nuisance during daily activities.
  • Regular Inspection: Periodically check for loose clasps or frayed strings, especially on beaded necklaces, to prevent them from breaking unexpectedly.
  • Activity Appropriate: Avoid wearing necklaces during physical activity to minimize the risk of accidents or damage to the jewelry.
  • Chewable Jewelry: For those who like to fidget or chew, specifically designed chewable necklaces can be a safe alternative to regular jewelry.
  • Emergency Information: For safety, a necklace can double as a medical alert piece, informing others of any conditions in an emergency.
  • Sunscreen Application: Apply sunscreen before putting on necklaces to avoid discoloration of the skin underneath the metal when out in the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Necklace Sizing of 13 year old

Selecting the right necklace size for a 13-year-old is an important decision that combines fashion with fit. To guide you through this process, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What Is the Standard Necklace Length for A 13-Year-Old?

A 16-inch necklace is generally recommended as it sits nicely at the collarbone, offering comfort and versatility.

Can a 13-Year-Old Wear an Adult-Sized Necklace?

Yes, some adult-sized necklaces can fit, but it’s essential to consider the individual’s size and the necklace style.

How Do You Measure a Teenager for A Necklace?

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the neck, then add 2 inches to find the most comfortable length.

Are Choker Necklaces Appropriate for 13-Year-Olds?

Chokers are popular among teens, but ensure it's the correct size to avoid discomfort or potential hazards.

What if My 13-Year-Old Has a Nickel Allergy?

Look for nickel-free options like sterling silver, gold, platinum, or hypoallergenic metals to avoid allergic reactions.

Is It Safe for A 13-Year-Old to Wear a Necklace to School?

Necklaces are generally safe for school, but check the school’s jewelry policy and choose a practical, non-distracting design.

How Do I Choose a Necklace that My 13-Year-Old Won’t Outgrow Too Quickly?

Select a necklace with an extender or choose a slightly longer length to accommodate growth.

Are There Necklaces that Can Adjust in Size as My Teen Grows?

Many necklaces come with extenders or adjustable chains, which are perfect for growing teens.

What Kind of Clasp Is Best for A 13-Year-Old’s Necklace?

A lobster claw clasp is secure and generally easy for teens to manipulate on their own.

Should the Necklace Chain Thickness Vary with Age?

Chain thickness should be chosen based on the teen’s preference and the pendant weight, if any, for balance and comfort.

Final Thought

So, Choosing the right size necklace for a 13-year-old involves balancing comfort, personal style, and room for growth. The 16-inch standard is a preferred starting point, but considerations such as body proportions, individual fashion sense, and activity levels can influence the decision. 

The question “What Size Necklace for a 13 Year Old?” is carefully dealt with in our article. It's about finding a piece that not only fits well but also aligns with the young teen's evolving tastes and maintains relevance in their wardrobe as they mature. With numerous designs and materials available, the perfect necklace size for a 13-year-old should improve their style while providing ease and safety in daily wear.

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